Saturday, July 6, 2013

Overuse Injury

During my training, I have tried to incorporate several half marathons to keep up my mileage. On June 22nd, I ran the Slacker Half Marathon, which is mostly downhill. One of the problems that can occur is a strain of the gluteus medius muscle. I felt like there was a knive in my glute. I was able to work that out through stretching, but know I have a knot in my right quadricep.
It's pretty painful in the mornings, but I can work most of it out, so that I can walk without limping. Unfortunately, my running has now come to a standstill so that I don't aggravate it further. I have used a foam roller to work it out and have gone to massage and yoga.

I really hope that it stops hurting. I need to get back to my training, FAST!

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