Thursday, May 2, 2013

How My April Ended

Too bad I couldn't find a .jpg that represented Colorado more accurately, like a big snowstorm over the word "April."

I have been doing a lot of boot camps (before my session expired on 4/30- boo hoo), running on the elliptical and outside, spinning classes, and now "SOCCER." A few weeks ago, I dropped in to see how the Westminster Lunchtime Soccer group was organized and the dynamic. It was a bunch of men (from 30-50+) running around kicking a small black and white ball. I was initially worried that I would be the only woman on the field, but then I thought again.

Who cares if I'm the only woman!

These guys could use some estrogen on the field, so on Tuesday, I bit the bullet and joined them. I didn't want to go too crazy, so I played goalie. I thought that it would be a good way to ease me into the group and save my legs from the lactic acid burn.

I think I earned their respect when I took a shot in the face (just above my nose) and shook it off. Don't worry, no damage was done to this beautiful face.

Now, two days later, I'm still sore from diving and running and reaching for the ball. I'm going to head back into the testosterone pit next week, when we get back into town.

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